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YouOrMe Pro for the iPad and iPhone     YouOrMe Pro Version - chicoine pascale

Chicoine Pascale has created an interactive game, for the whole family. Kids arguing over who does what chores, or even who gets the front seat? This is the perfect game to settle the conflict between them without taking sides. Or if you just want to make a fun game out of it with family or friends. This app is adaptable.

You have a choice of just two players of multi players on the begining board. If you choose multi just add the names of the people you want to play. Then onto the spin and the game will choose the player at random.

So if you want to get some chores done without argument or just have a little fun this is a fun way to go about it.

Download this app on any mobile device and settle that youorme argument with a fun game!

Download for Android in Google Play

For iPhone, iPod and iPad
YouOrMe Pro Version - chicoine pascale

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