JamPlay Guitar Pack

JampPlay Guitar Pack for the Android, iPad and iPhone     JamPlay Guitar Pack - JamPlay, LLC

Looking to find a helpful way to learn the guitar? Tired of going to those unhelpful guitar teachers to seek no knowledge? Well we what looks like you could learn just as much and more with this app, Jamplay Guitar Pack.

This app is jam packed with multimedia features such as a tuner, a metronome, backing tracks, libraries of chords and scales, and a wide assortment of video content. The videos include about eighty lessons that go from exercises to licks and riffs.
Be assured you that more video content is on the way like music videos, interviews, and “shredisodes” with studio musicians.

I’m sure many of you are wondering if you’re going to have any spare memory on your device after downloading this app? No worries. All of the videos are streaming, so the download size is just over nine megabytes.

So download Jamplay Guitar Pack today and show-off with epic Joe Satriani-style rockouts!

JamPlay Guitar Pack - JamPlay, LLC

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