TableTopics HD

TableTopics for the iPad and iPhone     TABLETOPICS HD - Aloompa

Have you ever needed something to start a conversation? Now there’s an iPad app for that! Really any app could get a conversation going, and this app keeps it going.

With unique features, leverage technology to experience a fun way to converse with anyone. Preloaded with two question sets, Starter set and Happy Hour set. Swipe your finger through 60 question cards, or create your own and save the answers. If you purchase the other Conversation Starter apps you can mix them all up and choose which question set you can view.

Other Conversation Starter applications:

First Date
In Flight
Go Green

This app is fun, easy to navigate, and very useful for that situation when nothing comes to mind. I have to mention it has very BLAH’ graphics. And forced closed on me a few times. I still need the other apps to review them all, so come back at a later date to see the review of them all.

Note: Look for the iPhone version.

Install this app and converse about TableTopics!


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