for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Play and Study chess with this very challenging, free app. If you thought playing another person was difficult wait till your opponent is a computer.

There is no time limit to make your move and to watch the computer make a move in seconds is intimidating. Press on and complete your game, then use the options of moves the app comes with to study, like openings, tactics, strategy, endgames, amazing games, beginners, intermediate, advanced. Options of playing online, play computer, tactics trainer and video lessons.

There are settings to invite a friend, contact tech support, reset, about and help. Also has an option for sounds, move alert sounds, move highlights, choose the look of your pieces, color of board, strength, show submit button and if you are away choose the Leave for vacation setting. I have always loved the game chess and now can play it anywhere. Download this app and become a master!

Android – Look in Google Play


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