Labyrinth 2 Lite

Labyrinth 2 Lite for the iPad and iPhone     Labyrinth

A new version of the well-known Labyrinth game app.

Like the old lap held games made of wood, Labyrinth 2 Lite you must make your way through the mazes to the finish as fast as possible. This new version adds a few new obstacles, as magnets, cannons, fans and bumpers knock you around.

The ball morphs smaller and bigger, and doubles as you have to activate certain buttons to progress through the maze.

I like this game app as it is good hand eye coordination, practice. And progressively get more difficult, there are a few mazes I have not completed yet, so it will challenge even the most avid gamer.

Download the Labyrinth 2 Lite game for free and challenge your friends to beat your times!

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