Light Bike

Light Bike for the iPad and iPhone     LightBike

I love this app because it reminds me of TRON!

Race around a grid field as your bike lays down a wall behind you.
Compete against 3 other bikes that are out to block you in, be careful not to smash into any walls even your own.

Win the heats in Light bIke and level up to increase the difficulty, think fast and change your direction to keep your opponents following you, so you block them in.

This game is simple in design, and yet it is a lot of fun and challenging. I would love to see more to this app, as in more options, levels, wireless multi players or different backgrounds. If you like fast pace games you will like this app too. The graphics are crisp and colorful, with smooth game play.

So as I recommend get on your bike rev up and download this game!

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