iPharmacy for the iPad and iPhone     iPharmacy Professional - SigmaPhone LLC

Do you know someone on a lot of prescriptions or you yourself take a lot? This app provides drug and medication guide by Sigma Phone LLC. and will be perfect for you. This app allows you to look up a variety of drugs that may be prescribed to you or your loved ones.

Learn about the possible side effects posted by the FDA and or any interactions possible to other meds. If one of the medications is something you or someone is on, click the Favorites button to store the name and info in a file. If you change prescriptions or are taken off click delete.

I always lose the papers I write down the medications on but have an iPod or telephone with me. This app will be great for trips to doctors or just to have at the ready for medical emergencies.

Install this very useful app now, and be aware of drugs and medications!

iPharmacy Professional - SigmaPhone LLC

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