myNav: Park, Tag & Go

myNav for the Android iPad and iPhone     myNav: Park, Tag & Go - Winfield & Co. LLC

Just in time for the holiday season, you can now keep track of where you park with this app. That’s right get out of your vehicle, open this app and tag your GPS position, and trace your steps back to your vehicle. You can also record length of time parked and distance from it.

View maps in an overlook view of streets in amazing detail. With graphics indicating you, and your tagged location. When finding your way back to your vehicle use the detailed readout, radar compass, distance gauge, an orientation nav and augmented reality. That’s right open this app and hold your mobile device in the direction of your tagged position and your device will display a graphic arrow where you have previously tagged along with the regular view of your surroundings.

You can also take notes and photos of your parking spot for references and landmarks.

With all the features in this app you can tag anything important to you. There’s literally an app for everything, as is proven with this amazing shopping app.

Download this valet in a pocket and, no more holiday hunting for your vehicle in over-packed parking lots!

Android check your device

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myNav: Park, Tag & Go - Winfield & Co. LLC

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