Cocktails: Signature Drinks

Cocktails: Signature Drinks for the iPad and iPhone     Cocktails: Signature Drinks - Vook

Would you like to mix drinks like Tom Cruise. Now you can star in your own movie and create beautiful delicious cocktails that will have your friends and family leaving tips.

With this app you can search the list of drinks categorized by liquor, select a drink and read a small background and recipe of that drink. If you aren’t confident in reading the recipe, play, pause,rewind,fst forward 8 videos with Master Drink Mixologist, Pete Fredotovich mixing your recipe, showcasing 24 never-before-seen cocktails and 40 other recipes of unique drinks. Share any of your favorite drinks with your friends, via Facebook.

Vook has mixed together the perfect app for entertaining, hosting, or bartending any cocktail party.

Download this app and responsibly enjoy the spirits!

Cocktails: Signature Drinks - Vook

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