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You never need to look at a photo and ask yourself “when was that taken” or “where was that photo” ever again. Advances in technology really do make life better, as proven with this application.

That’s right Lab gives you access to when, where and much more information about your photos. As you initially run this app enable Location Services. If you miss that step no worries, go to Settings > General > Locations Services and find Lab, make sure you select ON.

You can view all images on your mobile device on Lab’s Camera Roll. Select a photo on the Roll and the image will maximize to full screen display, with date, megapixels and file size. A small i in the top right corner will bring up the Photo Info of that photo. The information that appears is, when, where and map of location photo was shot, a small thumbnail photo and a histogram of exposure, megapixels and file size.

Install this app and automatically document your photos and never forget your memories.

Lab - LateNiteSoft

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