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bump 2 devices together = Shared!

bump is a wonderful way to share your photos, contacts, and apps.

Bump Technologies created an app specifically to share all you want with a friend or family member or anyone you would like, with bump.

With the app open, on both devices choose the contacts, photos, or apps you want to share. Gently bump both devices together and the information is transferred. Then confirm the exchange and start using your new apps and contacts. With ease of connecting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There are stipulations to transfers, as apps are only transferable iPhone to iPhone, or Android to Android, since they are created on different platforms. Contacts, Music, Calendar events and Photos are transferable between both platforms.
You can only transfer 4 apps per bump. Exchange as many contacts and photos as you would like, in one bump.

bump has recently added Music and Calendar events!
For a while customers were asking for the ability to send Calendar events, and music was the next logical step. Email the link to download, right from the app itself. Set yourself Reminders so you are able to bump each other the next time you see them.

Bump for the Android, iPad and iPhone Bump for the Android, iPad and iPhone Bump for the Android, iPad and iPhone

It is a great way to transfer contacts, photos, apps, music social networking and calendar events to a newly purchased device. The same as the technicians would at a wireless store.

bump features:

  • SHARE CONTACTS: Share your contact info; connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • SHARE PHOTOS: Share photos with friends and family
  • FIND MUTUAL FRIENDS: Find friends in common with people you bump from your social networks and phone contacts
  • SYNC DEVICES: Move contacts and photos between devices
  • SHARE APPS: Share app recommendations

After a bump, you can see the contacts you have in common the photos, music, and email they have been bumped and recent text messages.

Download this awesome app and get bump‘n!

Android – look in Google Play

iPhone, iPod and iPad –
Bump - Bump Technologies LLC

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