Keynote Remote

Keynote Remote for the iPad and iPhone     Keynote Remote - Apple Inc.

If you have a business presentation, you need this remote to control the flow from slide to slide. From anywhere in the room control your keynote ’09 slide presentation on your Mac from your iPhone or iPod touch.

With the swipe of a finger view your next slide, and slide notes. Forwards or backwards – if you advance to far, no problem, just swipe your finger the opposite direction and display the previous slide. If your presentation is prepared by someone else use the landscape mode and preview the next slide.

Keynote Remote uses WiFi for your connectivity. If you don’t have a working WiFi connection (it’s possible to connect with a “computer-to-computer” network with an Airport enabled Mac).

I recommend this useful app from Apple for everyone presenting to a group of people.

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Keynote Remote - Apple Inc.

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